About us


We are Tangofighter and we are here to provide you with the best gear for whatever you wish to take on in life.  We aim to provide the best, high quality gear at the best price with extraordinary customer service.  We created our business on the base on Integrity and Responsibility.  

Our business started 10 years ago on eBay in our garage as one man's vision.  That man is my father and today we carry on legacy by providing the best gear for those who have a mission to accomplish. 

Integrity:  We want to provide the best products with the highest quality.  We honor our word and we want to help our customers deal with any problems they may have or anything that matters to them.

Responsibility:  If something does happen with your order, we got you covered.  We always take responsibility for anything that may leave the customer dissatisfied.  Contact us at tenfour@tangofighter.com if you have any questions or problems or even just chat.  

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